This Is WHY You Buy A DASH CAM!

As you can see on the video below the trucker has installed dash cam on the front of the truck, so he would record any situation that happens in front of him while he is driving. In this case a lady driving a black Hyundai SUV hit the truck from aside and it was actually very lucky to not flip over. Obviously no one was injured in the black SUV because the lade drove the vehicle outside the road just after the impact. Who knows what was the reason, we could only guess if the lady was texting to hit the truck that way…


Or maybe she just didn’t pay attention when she tried to cross in a different lane. So, this is one of the best reasons why we should buy a dash cam and attach it in front of our vehicle. Therefore the police will know what exactly happen and who was guilty for the accident.

Have you been into a similar situation like this or have you seen something like this happening in front of you?

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