Land Rover Defender SUV Is Showing Mitsubishi L200 Who’s The KING Of OFF-ROAD!

In this one, the Defender SUV is teaching another off-road vehicle who`s the king when it comes to off-road.

Defender SUV off road Mitsubishi L200 1

There are many mighty off-road vehicles out there that are designed to conquer all kind of treacherous terrains. However, all vehicles have their limits. Nevertheless, some of them go way further than others. One of these mighty vehicles is the Land Rover Defender. This vehicle comes with a huge tradition when it comes to off-road and not many vehicles are its equal.

The unfortunate vehicle that is destroyed in this off-road battle is a Mitsubishi L200. However, the Mitsubishi L200 should not feel very bad for itself because it has quite the opponent.

This video is in fact a very good comparison. At the beginning, you can see the Mitsubishi L200 trying to climb a steep muddy heal but miserably fails to so.

Then the Land Rover Defender SUV comes into play and decides to help the Mitsubishi climb the hill. This looks like a very daring and ambitious idea by the Land Rover owner.

However, a more than successful one as it manages to tow the unfortunate Mitsubishi up the steep muddy hill. Don`t feel that bad for the Mitsubishi though, as this more of an urban vehicle than a hardcore off-road one.

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Posted by Todo Motor on Wednesday, June 28, 2017