No Need Of SNOW! Skiing At ABANDONED Sheffield SKI PARK!

Summer isn`t officially over, but most of us are back from vacation. Hope that you had an amazing time! While some are still evoking memories from their vacations, others are starting with creating plans for the next winter holiday. And a winter holiday without skiing and snowboarding isn`t a proper one! A little bit of adrenaline never harmed anybody. Therefore today, we decided to present you a video that we hope will make you more eager about the new season! Additionally, it helps us to remind ourselves to some forgotten values. The video below takes us to Sheffield, England, to the abandoned Sheffield ski park was an inevitable spot in the maps of numerous UK freestyle skiers.

This Sheffield ski village was burned to the ground in 2012. Its management stated that this ski village will again see the light of the day. Until that time, we can only watch videos of enthusiasts who don`t want to let the spirit of this place disappear completely. They show us that even if there are no right conditions for (in this case) skiing, we don`t have to let the spirit die with the place!

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