Hello my dear monster truck enthusiasts. Only about a month ago, Alamo Car Rental has officially announced something that will be very interesting and highly appealing to many of you. This company has decided to answer the wishes of many of their loyal customers, who are seeking an exiting off-road adventure, in which they will experience first hand, a monster truck wild ride… This means that the Alamo Monster Truck Rentals Program will give a chance to everyone interested to explore an off-road adventure, on the most remote locations, driving one of those powerful monster trucks, for a rate that starts at $650 per day.

Can you imagine it? An off-road ride in a big and powerful truck that is towering 12 feet high, featuring 66-inch tires, packing a supercharged V8 engine, weighing in at 10 000 pounds…I think that you get the picture, right?

If you ever had a dream about adding a new experience in your off-road adventure diary, this is the chance to make that dream come true. So just watch the following video and find out about the first steps you need to do, when it comes to this monster truck rentals. And in order to give you a little taste of the many things that monster trucks are offered as an option, go to this link.