Ford RAPTOR, Suzuki JIMNY & LINCOLN Navigator SUV!

The Russians are always about the adrenaline in their veins. It is not important what kind of vehicle they drive as long as they are having fun. Watching the Russians going off road is never enough. Therefore, here is another video that everybody would like to see! We present you the vehicles used in this video, which apparently are good enough for spending a great time outside the city rush! There are two American vehicles, the Ford F150 SVT Raptor as well as the Lincoln Navigator SUV and one Japanese, the Suzuki Jimny. This recording is another confirmation of these vehicles` endurance and capabilities.

The aforesaid machines go through difficult off road terrain with plenty of dirt and deep holes full of water. But that is not an impediment for these guys who by the way approach to this kind of terrain with caution and help each other. Moreover, there is also an old school tractor with a trailer crossing bigger hole full of water without any obstacles. Once more, we show you that the Russians know how to have fun going in the woods, and to make the most out of it. Check out the Ford RAPTOR, Suzuki JIMNY & LINCOLN Navigator SUV!

Anyway, what do you think of this car?