This Beast Of A Modified Silverado Has A Really Attractive Growl!

Don`t you ever look at a normal production car and wish you could put some giant machinery under the hood and make it go so fast that it might actually take off if it had wings? This guy did that with his Chevrolet Silverado and it`s so good! This modified Silverado boats so many tweaks and improvements that it literally sounds completely different from an unmodified version. I bet some engineers at Chevrolet would love to take a look at this beast of a car and make their future products even better with feedback gained from this one!

The difference between this modified Silverado and the normal, stock version of the Chevy monster is that this one has been so cammed out that the driver can`t even touch the gas pedal without this beast releasing an awesome grumble. Of course, this means that the car has improved, so it still has its basic features, which means that it is still very reliable, doesn`t falter in its factory mission and it is, of course, fully functional. This modified Silverado boasts a 5.3L V8 engine and it is very recognizable when it starts rumbling, as if the Chevy Silverado wasn`t enough already.

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