Chevy Silverado Steel Bed Versus Ford F 150 Aluminum! Which One Gets Outperformed?! Place Your Bets!

Times, place and people change as time passes by but some things just don`t! Such is the Chevy vs Ford rivalry. You can never get enough of that! Which is better? Ford or Chevy? Which is faster? Which one has more endurance and so on. However, in this article we are going to compare the Chevy Silverado steel bed with the Ford F-150 aluminum bed! That should be quite interesting, don`t you think?

For this experiment, two trucks will be used. Both strong with good reputation. You know which ones right? Chevrolet Silverado, the GM representative, the working class hero! In the other corner, we have Ford F 150, tough reputation and plenty of power! However, these particular trucks should be working trucks. At least that`s what people call them. If so, both should have good beds right? Well, one has a tougher tray than the other and you`ll see which one!

Real people came in an empty storage to complete the experiment. All truck lovers, some like Ford and some like Chevy! Just like everyone of us. However, the games began as the first try meant that several block will be thrown into the trucks` beds to see how they will endure it! To be honest, without any bias, the Chevy Silverado Steel bed performed way better than the F 150 aluminum one. Which is understandable. Who makes a working truck`s bed out of aluminum? No wonder the dropped blocks left huge marks on the Ford. Huge holes and scratches that made it painful to watch it!

When blocks were dropped at the Chevy Silverado steel bed, no such marks could be noticed. The Chevy truck took it like a man! Damn, even a dropped toolbox which is not heavy at all left a huge dent in the Ford bed! Watch the experiment, does not matter if you are a Ford guy or a Chevy guy, facts are facts.

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