2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – Built With So Much Aftermarket!

Its been 45 years since Chevrolet launched its Z/28 option package intendent for its brand new Camaro. The package included a monstrous 302 V-8 engine with astonishing 290 horses. The purpose of its design was to be a serious rival to all hot rods in the Trans-Am series and in the NASCAR Baby Grands. Today after almost  forty-seven years and many generations of car design and engine science, we have the one and only 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, one of the most powerful Camaros ever designed. Al Oppenheiser, namely, Camaro`s chief engineer said that the Z/28 represented the peak of the 5th generation Camaro. We are strongly against changing the car`s name. Despite the general opinion that the SEMA Show Jay Leno that the Z/28 shall be V-6 turbocharged was going to be and that  the ZL1 shall be the Z/28. Such a name should be put on a car worth carrying it.

All Camaro clients were told for a long time that we could never return the Z/28 if we hadn`t have a car worth carrying the name. It shall fulfill everybody`s expectation and shall be not foreseen by anybody. Let`s take a trip down the GT-Rs, 911s and the Murcielagos land.

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The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is made on the basis of an LS7 aluminum, Chevy`s four hundred and twenty seven cubic inch original V-8 which at 6100 rpm is boosting 505 horses and at 4800 rpm 481 lb-ft of torque. It`s basically the same as the Corvette Z06, left aside the exhaust and the intake plumbing to settle the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro hood- titanium intake valves , CNC-ported heads, 11:1 compression, fat cam profile, connecting rods, forged steel crank, hydroformed headers and main caps.

The Z/28′s LS7 has premium GM parts with Pankl connection rods, Mahle pistons, and the first oiling system. There is also the unique K and N air filtration system, fitted in a Camaro hood, which is something unseen. The Z/28 has a total of one hundred and ninety all new and special components in comparison to the SS model.

As Tom Peters said, there are excellent new lower and upper assemblage grille intended for management of  air installed in the Z/28  as well as a truly amazing Gurney lips front spoiler wheel flares, an undertray that sways back above the machine, side skirts, moveable rear spoiler, an air-extractor hood and so on. Its something you have never seen it before.

All the magic of the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is made by its tires suspension and brakes. The rear springs are made 65 % stiffer, the front are 85 %.

The lower link arm bushings at the front are by fifty % stiffer, with four hundred % stiffer rear upper arm bushings, having a little lesser stabilizer bars, sizing from twenty-five to twenty-eight mm up front and  at the rear from twenty-five to twenty-seven. This Z 28 is by thirty-three mm lower from the SS version. DSSV Multimatic shock units shall be fitted in a Chevrolet vehicle, for the first time in forever. These guys have a spool valve technology that is patented and for wheel control they use shim stacks. It`s the same Multimatic technology that the ALMS Acura LMP One team, Infiniti red bull Formula One team  as well as each vehicle in the DTM German series are using.

At the rear end there are shock /aluminum coil that the Z/28 uses. Each of the corners shall posses 5 spoke black alloy wheels with enormous S 305/30ZR-19 Pirelli Trofeo. Yup, you`ve heard it well, these are some massive 305 tires up front. a Brembo carbon ceramic brake system is accommodated inside each of the wheels, and it has 2piece rotors, sizing 390 mm-32 mm rear  and 394mm- 36 mm up the front. At the rear there are also 4piston calipers along with 6piston ones up front which provides solid braking and ensures that the rotors shall last as long as you do, even more.

All questions concerning the race of the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 are unfamiliar to us at the moment, specifically when it comes to the bargain between the Rolex Grand Am  and the American Le Mans series.

According to Oppenheiser they still got a handful on which class and which sanctioning body is the most suitable for the Z/28. It`s a package intended for the usual racer and mad street rambler. In SCCA runs the 1LE. They plan on designing and equipping a car that can take one anyone and win every race. In order to make this dream reality, they are collaborating with Kent Mark and the Performance group on the case.

The path is consisted of 6 main corners and some mad speed turns, and some of them are the same as the ones in Nevada, on Spring Mountain track. There is also a thirty-seven degree banked section, major elevation alterations, and not much straightaway, so when the racer braking, turning or speeding all of the time.

While putting it on trial, the engineers shall ride twenty-two laps, gas up the vehicle, revise the tires, and then go back and race their gut out. This happens non-stop.

This time round we had the right spot and a single cool down lap, and the adventures that the new Z/28 can made when it comes to braking, speeding it guts out are so mean, that our ears started hurting as well as our necks did.

It was a quick, fearful ride, but it gave us quite a lecture on what this car is capable of. We are very hopeful that the next time a place behind the wheel shall be reserved for us. We won`t notice the very production vehicle till somewhere around the finish of the year 2014. It shall be presented in almost  three to four thousand units in the next couple of years,  and the value is estimated to be somewhere around 75,000 pounds. The gas guzzler tax and destination are included in the price.It will cost you another extra 1, 150 pounds to get a stereo and an intercooling air system, but they are worth the while.

Now, about the folks that are already owners of a new 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, not all hopes for tech transfer are lost. As Oppenheiser said, with all these epic parts that they have in their hands, and the help of the GM Performance Parts team, they will give their best make a nice offer to the owners of an SS, who shall probably want some extra dressing up and other upgrades.

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