Greatest Miniature Car Collection Ever: All Kinds Of 1/2 Scaled Vehicles!

Instead of having a traditional car collection, these car enthusiasts decided to take part on a smaller scale having a miniature car collection. YouTuber 895ROADKING has uploaded footage that will probably succeed at bringing out your inner child. This guy attended a swap meet located in a town in Pennsylvania. However, what he witnessed there was truly magical. You can see in the video below group of men enjoying one great time. They can be seen driving around in miniature cars looking like little children playing after school. These miniature vehicles are actually 1/2 scale replicas of their full-scaled counter parts.

Greatest Miniature Car Collection Ever 2

However, these should not be mistaken with toy cars by any means. These little cars drive on rubber tires and are completely motorized and drivable. In this miniature car collection, you can see all kinds of vehicle that comes in all shapes from old school hot rots to, school buses to 1957 Chevys. The school bus actually contains enough room for both the driver and one younger passenger. You can also see 1/2 scaled John Deere tractors towing trailers.

Two men can be seen racing around in a Willys pick up and a 1957 Pro Street Chevy pick-up. Both of these racing vehicles are using mini drag slicks. How cool is that? Other mini cars that can be found in this whimsical world is a 1940 Ford hot rod, cement truck, purple 1957 Chevy convertible, black Willys pick up and a 1957 Nomad.

This video goes to prove that men never actually grew up. Finally, if you collect mini cars, you might find something interesting here!