Top 5 COOL Car Hacks That Make Life Easier!

People have always been innovative and come up with new simple solutions to difficult problems. Car enthusiasts are one of them hence they always think of new car life hacks to make everyone`s life easier.

Top 5 COOL Car Hacks life easier 2

In the following video we see 5 cool car hacks this guy came up with and decided to share them with us. Having dust inside the air vents can be very annoying. It is difficult to get the dust off with just a towel, so grab yourself a foam paint brush and get rid of it in just seconds! The brush goes deep inside the vents and makes the job look so easy.

The next car life hack is very simple. If your seat belts do not recoil very well and sometimes get stuck in the door, all you need to fix that is a polish. Spray a small amount of it on the plastic piece behind the seat belt.

This will reduce the friction which is probably the reason of the bad recoil. Having mist up windows is frustrating. All you need is a pair of socks and cat litter crystals hence they are designed to absorb moisture. Fill up the socks and you are done. Check the video for more, cool car hacks!

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