Gearhead Transforms John Deere Tractor Into A Gigantic John Deere CHOPPER! Thoughts?

The John Deere marque is the ultimate benchmark when it comes to farming culture. Its yellow color scheme and green signature grabs the attention of everyone in the field. The brand mainly focuses on building construction machines, utility vehicles and tractors. However, it looks like this could be their next huge investment. At a small tractor showcasing event, one guy broke from the flock and introduced something very fascinating. Amidst a powerful rumble, the guy entered the show driving a John DeereĀ chopper modeled after a tractor of the well-known brand. Unfortunately, we don`t know much about it, and we just have 8 seconds action of it.

Nevertheless, after watching the footage multiple times, we have concluded that this was indeed made from a stripped-down Deere tractor and transformed into a motor chopper. We can safely say that the wheel on the back is definitely out of a tractor. However, we can`t be sure if this bike has a tractor engine fitted in, but it sure sounds like one. This is a great opportunity for John Deere to enter the business, it would be a perfect venture. Watch the guy in the video below cruising on this awesome John Deere chopper and tell us if you know more about the specifications of this fascinating creation.

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