Peterbuilt TRACTOR Pulling Competition Ends With An Engine DESTRUCTION!

There are a lot of weird competitions throughout the world. There is a competition in the UK where people chase a block of cheese down a hill, and in Japan people use RC cars for drifting! Here in the United States we also have weird competitions of our own, and one of them is the National tractor pulling competition!

tractor pulling competition engine destruction 2

Needless to say, it is as awesome as one competition can get! In the video that we are sharing with you guys today, you will see the reason as to why this competition is getting more popular with every passing year!

The point of the competition is quite simple, pull a tractor as far as you can. Because of this, many tractors are modified and have a lot of power! In this video, we see a Peterbilt tractor pulling the sled and giving it everything it has. However, after passing a few dozen feet, the engine erupts from the tractor and goes straight to the ground! Needless to say, the fans really enjoyed this when it happened! Although the Peterbilt didn`t win the competition, it was still the star of the show! Watch the video below and see why the tractor pulling competition is a popular motorsport!

Do you think this is possible? John Deere tractor towing a Huge Ford F350!