This Guy Has A Matching Trailer For His Dodge Viper!

When you have enough money to buy a Viper, you probably have enough money to get a trailer custom made specifically for your Dodge Viper. So, that`s exactly what this guy did when he ordered his Viper trailer! He uses it to tow his Viper and generally keep it nice and clean, not to mention protected from the elements. It seems to be fully mechanized with hydraulic lifts and all sorts of doo-hickeys on it. Not only does the trailer have the exact same paintjob as the breathtaking car inside it, but it also has the same shape! It`s a Russian babushka doll, only with Vipers!

Also, the Viper trailer is really aerodynamic because it`s shaped like a Viper, so the guy gets great mileage when lugging it along with his pickup truck. Besides, who would even want to tow their car if that car was a Viper and nobody knew about it? This way, you get the best of both worlds. However, the one drawback is that the Viper trailer is really small, just small enough to fit the car perfectly. If you want to carry any extra stuff to the track, such as tires, parts or tools, you would need to find a different method of transportation!

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