CAT D11T Crushes Pickup Truck & Transforms It Into A Flat Pile Of Metal!

Bulldozers are amazing – not only can they move earth with amazing speed and strength, but they can also run over all kinds of vehicles with relative ease! These guys were a little disappointed with the cancelling of the first month of the NHL season so as true hockey fans they decided to do the one thing that made sense – crush their car with a Cat D11T bulldozer. And that they did, with great efficiency too! They went to their friend with the dozer and asked him to do them a small favor – I think he was overjoyed in granting their request!

The CatD11T bulldozer fires up and moves towards the car, not being able to get it under its tracks for a while, instead just pinging its front. Then, with incredible strength and agility it moves over the hood, the cabin and then the rear, leaving nothing but the mangled corpse of the ex-pickup truck behind. The tires let out a few whooshing noises as he passes over them and the once proud truck is now left into a flattened pile of metal. Stuff like this is fun for the whole family! Just remember, you can`t go off destroying stuff every time a sport event doesn`t go your way.

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