The Farewell Dodge Viper Video Shows Off Insane Airborne Features! Missing It Already?

With Pennzoil parting with the last Viper, they made a farewell video about it, like any passionate aficionado would make for their best car. This Dodge Viper video shows the last, gleaming yellow Viper being stolen by someone and then being returned via a violent and ear-numbing speed chase through the middle of the city! They have a professional (a little too professional if you ask me!) driver in the seat who demonstrates just how well the Viper can operate, as it ends up back in the garage of its rightful owner again. As much as we are going to miss the Viper, remember – the Demon is coming, and soon!

The V8 EATR is laid out flat for almost the entire length of this Dodge Viper video and it has a few moments where it even starts shooting out fire or going airborne – that`s how good the aerodynamics are! The Viper had a lot of track records to be proud off and nobody wants to see it go, but with the Demon as a worthy substitute, we believe it`s going to be even more awesome, if that`s at all possible. Either way, we will keep our eyes peeled to the screens to find out!

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