Loris Rosiati & His Ape Proto HONDA HORNET At “Drift Del Nerone”!

Ever since it was invented, the art of drifting never stopped gaining popularity throughout the world! Plus, what started as a car only thing, now has become way more than that! You have seen a plethora of videos with featuring excellent driving skills and different drifting vehicles but no gearhead would say “it is enough”, right? Therefore, we would like to present you a video, containing awesome drifting material, coming all the way from Italy! Namely, it is a word of the DRIFT DEL NERONE drifting show, taking place at the mountain Nerone, located in central Italy. The video below presents a fragment of this drifting show, which is most definitely worth watching! Here, you are going to watch the Italian master drifter Loris Rosiati drifting with his ultra-popular 600cc Ape Proto Honda Hornet!

One thing that makes this severely modified motorbike so popular is that it is made to resemble the famous animated character Lightning McQueen! Furthermore, it would be good idea to slightly increase the volume of your sound devices because this vehicle has a fierce sound you don`t want to miss! Plus, you are going to hear the sound way before you actually see the vehicle!

At last, click here to watch another amazing performance by Loris Rosiati!