PIMP MY GOLF CART! Completely Modified Vehicle!

Every car enthusiast wants the best for his automobile. Not only that wants it, he even tries to make it happen. Next thing in line is the look of the car. This is where most of the owner`s personality becomes visible to the world. The designs array is endless, but the vehicle you are about to see may be the first one in its category. You have seen plenty of modified and upgraded vehicles on our web site, but this one is a little bit different than the others! We are talking about a low rider golf cart! Now that`s something!

Also, this vehicle has a hydraulic system, making it look even more chic. You have the chance to see the hydraulic system in action as well! In addition, it is painted all in black, which is kind of odd for a golf cart, but hey, diversity is good! Furthermore, there is one rather funny moment at the end of this footage. We are referring to the air compressor sound! That whole thing is normal, but it can cause a smile on your face once you hear it.

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