Electrically Charged And Flipped Golf Cart Pro Mod at a Drag Strip!

When we go down South on a drag strip event, it is clear and almost by a de fault that something out of the ordinary is about to happen. That is exactly what we have here too. An electrically charged Pro Mod Golf Cart is going down alone on a drag strip to set a new speed record, and the first time things are going on just fine, but than, we the guy goes down the strip for the seconds time, things get out of hand a little bit. Our main character in this video is Terry Hatfield in his flipped Golf Cart Electric Dragster named  ‘Shock Therapy’!

The main reason for his appearance is the new battery testing at “Ozark Raceway Park” and this time Terry was in for a surprise ride that he won`t be able to forget for some time. As abovementioned, his first test was Ok, but the second one did not go as planned.

However, Terry does not let this small flipped Golf Cart incident to discourage him, but instead he is planning to add a wheelie bars and go for his next appearance on the drag race strip. And who knows what will happen the next time he shows up?

One sure thing is that he will try to reset his own world record. Anyway, here are some reviews on the best golf carts out there!

Enjoy the video below!

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