The Legendary Bandit Owned By Burt Reynolds Will Rock Your World!

Remember “Smokey and the Bandit“? It was an iconic movie that created an entire subculture based on cars that steal the show in movies. That was the case with the Bandit as well, which is why it became an iconic car for decades after the movie. I bet we would all love to get our hands that legendary Bandit, but back then the special effects were very limited and they had to throw these Trans Am Bandits into the air so that they could crash in such a way that would provide the movie makers with the perfect shot.

This specific car was owned by Burt Reynolds himself and the video about it will take you for a guided tour of the legendary Bandit. Also, this car has a bunch of stylish updates as well as an LS7 under the hood – this thing makes an incredible 600 horsepower and it`s not to be underestimated! In fact, it`s so good that this 1977 Trans Am is on par with the rest of the quick-moving racing world, having the necessary equipment to go toe to toe with other sports cars of the day. American technology, ladies and gents!

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