The New 6th-Gen Camaro Trans Am Conversion! +1000HP Under The Hood!

The Pontiac Trans Am continues to put out new models. This week, they delivered the new Camaro Trans Am at the New York auto show 2017 and it`s an incredible car! It has a full thousand horsepower (160 more than the Dodge Demon, by the way!) and 1046 pound-feet of torque! You`ve probably realized by now, this is not a normal car.

Designed by the Trans Am Depot with the Swedish Zolland, it`s a conversion for Chevy`s 6th generation Camaro, and it packs a huge punch! However, it`s not just a conversion as it has an entirely new exterior!

At last, watch this insane drag race battle -- turbocharged 2001 Ford Mustang vs 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am!

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