Burt Reynolds Is Selling His 600HP Bandit Pontiac Trans Am!

Times were really different in the 1970s. That was an age of hippie music, questionable fashion and relatively bad cars. All that changed when a new movie came out and changed everything for the better. We are talking about the iconic Smokey and the Bandit! Who can forget Bo the Bandit and his stunningly beautiful Bandit Pontiac Trans Am! That car made every gearhead in the world want a Pontiac Trans Am in their possession. Many years have passed since that movie came out, but now all of you will have a chance of buying the same exact Pontiac used in the movie!

Burt Reynolds has decided to put his iconic Bandit Pontiac Trans Am for auction! This stunning beauty has a lot to offer other than good looks. It has a 600hp V8 engine, and it also boasts a custom exhaust as well. Also, it has Burt Reynolds` signature on it as well. It could be found at Barret-Jackson`s car auction. So, if you have a couple of hundred thousand dollars just lying around, this would be a really nice way to spend them!

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