Explosive ART! Lawn Mower Painting Gone WRONG! Don’t Try This At Home!

An overwhelming majority of people do not understand modern art. We belong to that group as well. This particular work of “art“ however, really grasped our attention. In fact, anything that results with an explosion does, so it really is no surprise. The intriguing part of this whole thing is how the explosion came to be! Like we said, modern art is a concept that many of us cannot grasp, such as breaking objects or decorating cheese.

Nowadays pretty much anything is dubbed art. Trying to create a lawn mower painting however, is something we found to be quite interesting. Luckily, there is a video of the whole process, and it`s EXPLOSIVE! If you thought that in order to create art, you need to draw or carve something, you are very, very wrong! One guy developed a revolutionary way of making a painting, by throwing spray cans underneath a lawn mower! Brilliant!

The stars in the video are 2 guys, one introducing himself as Uncle Rob, and the other wearing a Darth Wader mask. 2 seconds in, and we already knew that this video will be special! Uncle Rob is holding an arts and crafts class, and will show us how to do a project with some spray paint, a lawn mower and a canvas & easel. With all of these, they are about to make a lawn mower painting! In order to create the lawn mower painting, all you need to do is bring the canvas & easel close to the lawn mower.

With everything in place, all that is left to do is throw the spray cans under the mower! Spray paint will scatter everywhere, and it will create a magnificent painting. Everything catching fire is also a possibility, so be careful about that! We also must not forget the most important thing for creating a lawn mower painting. WEAR A DARTH WADER MASK WHILE OPERATING THE LAWN MOWER!

Finally, follow this link to see some funny painting fails!