Is This The Largest 8X8 Jeep In The Entire World?! Tries To Go Through A Bounty Hole!

Many of these monstrous machines that tries to hit the mud are certified insane, being purpose-built to overcome any obstacle there is. Some of these insane off-roaders look like there`s nothing in the world, natural or not, that can stop them from plowing through anything found in their path. In this one, we are talking about a Mega 8×8 Jeep that looks exactly like that creation that can storm through anything you can imagine. We also got 5 minutes video of action of this beast that is more than enough to showcase its massive performance. However, it sure has some challenging obstacles on its way like a huge bounty hole.

Watch as this monster comes to life and attempts to blast through some insanely deep and extremely challenging mud. You can also notice some very peculiar thing about this 8×8 Jeep. The tires are mounted backwards! We can`t be really sure why they did this thing, but some people are saying that with the tires mounted backwards it floats more efficiently. However, we think that mounting only the front tires backwards and the rear tires appropriately will do better. This Jeep looks extremely aggressive. However, check out the video below and find out if this mega Jeep can live up to its expectations and overcome the bounty hole.

Take a look at the so called middle-eastern Chuck Norris and his largest Jeep build!