Can You Imagine A Motorcycle That Can’t Be Crashed? Check Out This KTM 1190 Skidbike Adventure & Find Out!

Sliding with a motorcycle can teach you about the traction`s limits and dynamics of a motorbike that is practically out of control. However, there is one problem that history constantly reminds us. Sliding with a motorbike is very, very perilous. That is why we have the Skidbike.

KTM 1190 Skidbike no crash 12

The concept that revolutionize two-wheeled training. A motorcycle enthusiast, Zack Courts, was invited by KTM to a huge parking lot located behind a Target store in California. He was invited to experiment and ride a KTM 1190 fitted with Skidbike hardware. Not just any training wheels, but the most expensive you`ve ever seen before.

At first, Zach feels very weird riding with the Skidbike. It has a very conservative maximum lean, you can basically only lean against the little coasters. This system has winglets that stick out and hold the bike upright so you can`t tip over. The little carriages that the wheels are riding in are adjustable.

Meaning that they can adjust how much weight is on the contact patch for both the front and the rear wheel. All of this is very valuable from a training standpoint. Zach then continues to experiment with the Skidbike and gives the system big thumbs up as a training tool. Check it out!

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