Rear MOTORBIKE WHEELIE Without Holding The Handle Bars!

The Muscle Cars Zone team has never encouraged and never will encourage anyone to try to perform dangerous stunts on and off the road. However, we put our thumbs up for those who had the guts and skills and managed to perform tricks unharmed, such as this motorbike wheelie. But those people trained a lot and have been injured for sure. There is no stunt performer who can tell that he/she has never been injured. That is virtually impossible. On the other hand, we feel like it is our duty to show you people who know how to perform tricks.

As a matter of fact, we are fulfilling our duty by presenting you the video clip below. It features a biker performing a rear wheel motorbike wheelie without holding the handle bars! Jaw-dropping and dangerous at the same time, we admit! What makes the whole trick even more amazing is the fact that this biker is riding a motocross in the middle of the city! He clearly found the bike`s balance point. Additionally, not only he is performing a wheelie whilst sitting, but he is continuing to do so standing up! Respect!

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