Is This A Rollercoaster Or A Bridge? Japan’s Most Terrifying Looking Bridge Eshima Ohashi Will Make Your Heart Miss A Beat!

This time we go straight to the Sea of Japan. Standing between Shimane and Tottori Prefecture is the Eshima Ohashi, Japan`s most terrifying looking bridge. When you see it from satellite maps, this bridge looks innocent, until you get down there. Why is it terrifying you may ask? Well, it has 6.1% grade slope on the Shimane side and 5.1 on the Tottori side. 850 feet of continues concrete in the middle. Making it the world`s third longest Ramen bridge and number one in Japan. The angle is deceptive, it looks like it`s not finished. It looks like cars are falling off the top, plummeting into the sea below.

The Eshima Ohashi is almost a mile long. The look of the slope is what made this bridge world-famous. The angle looks like a stairway to heaven or something like that. Cars can cross the roller coaster bridge for free. So can bicycles and runners, too. Imagine going up that slope with a bicycle? That is one serious cardio exercise. It`s awesome for running as well.

Approximately 15,000 vehicles cross this bridge a day. However, there is no statistics on bicycles yet. Would you dare to cross this bridge? Tell us you opinions in the comment section below.

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