Amazingly Beautiful High Bridge In France – Pont De Normandie! It’s Stunning & A Little Bit Scary!

We have written about bridges on this website several times. With the development of architecture, you can even say that building bridges has become an art form! This is why whenever we find a beautiful road bridge we share it with you guys! The video we have for you today takes us to Europe, or France to be more specific.

Built over the river Seine in northern France is the Pont de Normandie cable stayed bridge. This marvelous construction helps people get over the aforementioned river, enabling them to get from Le Havre to Honfleur and vice versa. Even though it is a toll bridge, there are pathways for pedestrians and cyclists to get over the bridge without having to pay. This way, the people who live in the cities can easily go from one place to another free of charge!

The Pont de Normandie road bridge is relatively new, having been opened in January 1995. A lot of people were involved in the construction, and we must say that the final result is astonishing! Just watch the video to get a taste of it! Going up on the narrow road feels like entering in a different dimension! We would absolutely love to cross this bridge one day in the future. To make things even better, the Pont de Normandie road bridge is one the longest cable-stayed bridges in the entire world!

With a length of over 7000 feet, it was the record holder when it was built in 1995! Although it doesn`t hold the record for longest cable-stayed bridge anymore, it is still an architectural masterpiece. This is why you must check out this video of the French Pont de Normandie road bridge! It would be a thrill to ride on it, don`t you think? Enjoy!

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