Bridge LAGUNA GARZON Is The Coolest Ring Road, But Why It’s Made Like This?! Location: Rocha, Uruguay!

Uruguay is not really a country that you hear about every day and read about it in the newspaper. This South American country is known in the world for many things, including the so called “most clean-handed president” which is not our topic today. However, we are going to talk about Uruguay and a particular bridge they have! The name of the bridge is Laguna Garzon and it’s the COOLEST RING ROAD ever to be seen! You wonder what`s so special about it?

Well, for starters, this is the most debatable question in Uruguay the last couple of months – The Bridge Laguna Garzon! The authorities have decided to build this ring road which has the task to connect Moldonado and Rocha through Jose Ignacio and Las Garzas! Bridge Laguna Garzon is really impressive! This concrete construction is built on piles which are cylindrical and delivers crossing for 1000 vehicles each day! The road is enclosed by pedestrian walkways!

The question is why was this ring road ever made? Since it does not bypass anything and there is no obstacle in the way for the ring road to overpass because it is over the ocean!

The Bridge Laguna Garzon is made to be a big attraction and to make the driver enjoy more in the perfect view that is served right in front of his eyes! And the panoramic view a driver can experience while driving on this bridge is mesmerizing! This ring road/bridge forms a lagoon inside a lagoon! And inside this lagoon people can fish, swim or just simply sightsee! One of the strongest promoters of the project and the main funder is the Argentinian businessman Eduardo Constantini!

Eduardo Constantini covered 80% of the costs needed for construction! That`s around 8 million dollars from the 14 million dollars that were needed! The bridge was completed in 12 months!

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