Although Americans have state-of-the-art construction machines and equipment, we have always been fascinated by the types of machines and the way people finish a certain job on the other side of the world. Particularly in China and Japan. In other words, this can be interpreted as a cultural diversity. Anyway, today`s video presents you a completely new perspective in terms of BRIDGE BUILDING PROCESS. It features a machine relatively unknown for the wider audience, simply named as SLJ900/32. We could give it a nick name – TITAN ACROBAT!

This stunning machine is more or less capable of building this bridge on its own. Moreover, with its immense dimensions (32 ft high, 301 ft long and weighs 580 tons!) the SLJ900/32 can carry concrete bridge beams that weigh several tones while it is stretched between two pylons hundreds of feet above the ground! One big advantage that this machine has, compared with a crane, is the access.

Getting a crane to a terrain like this can be rather complicated. This machine eliminates all those unnecessary complications for the BRIDGE BUILDING PROCESS. On the other hand, the crane will most likely not be able to cope with the weight of those massive concrete bridge beams! Hats down for the inventor!

Do you know that China is currently building the world`s tallest and longest bridge! Follow this link and read the news!