Could This Maryland Bridge Be THE SCARIEST BRIDGE IN AMERICA?!

We all love driving our favorite cars fast and furious, make burnouts, perform stunts, and finally, to use them for what they were initially built and constructed, to get us from one place to another. And this means that besides enjoying the ride inside your loving Mustang, or Challenger Hellcat, or whatever, one should enjoy the road and the journey. Well, I guess that this last one is true for most of the places, but what about if you live (or just passing by) in Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, or dare we say SCARIEST BRIDGE IN AMERICA?!

According to many people, this is the scariest bridge in all of the United States. It is really high, reaching almost 200 feet in certain spots, and it is 4.3 miles long from one end to another! Therefore, for some people with a weaker stomach and nerves, driving across the SCARIEST BRIDGE IN AMERICA is totally out of the question. And in some cases, as you will see in the video below, when people are driving across it, they suffer a panic attack followed by a truly unpleasant experience!

So what do you think? Do you have the stomach to get inside your Detroit muscle, or even a motorcycle and drive across this giant construction that looks terrifying? Before you make that decision, better check out the video below and see how it really looks. And if you want to find out which are the other scary as hell bridges in America, go to this link.