Check Out How Military HUMMER Is Thrown Of An Airplane!

Another clip that is just going to make you LOVE AMERICA even more! It is just crazy how we deal with stuff, check this out! We are sure that you have heard many times someone saying that the Army throws MILITARY TRUCKS and TANKS from the Sky! Well, in case you never believed those guys, it`s true! We have a video right here that will show you how the US ARMY simply dumps military HUMMER from an airplane!

Apparently, there is somebody down there waiting for them! We figured you would be confuse, but be patient! These vehicles, however, have parachutes attached to them which open while the military Hummer is up in the air! So, in case you thought they would fall hard on ground and could easily hurt someone, you were wrong! Anyway, it would be cool to actually be present while this operation goes on and see all those military trucks landing from the open sky! Also, most of the time, the Army picks snowy areas to conduct these missions so the vehicles can land on the soft snow without being damaged! Check it out guys and have fun!!!

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