RIVER MONSTERS! Military Trucks Are Driving Underwater On New Jersey’s Flooded Streets! How Do They Navigate?

You learn something new every day! After watching this video, we learned that military trucks have no trouble driving on flooded streets! To be more precise, they are almost completely underwater! We do not think that it is only us, but after watching the following video, we are pretty sure that many of you will agree with us when we say that there is something special about these truck drivers.  Something that is quite different than all the others… But let`s get one thing clear from the beginning, so that you won`t get a wrong impression. This is an impressive feat, and we just had to show you this so you will believe it!

It probably wouldn`t have been something much out of the ordinary, if the whole thing was being done with boats and other amphibious vehicles. Instead, `regular army trucks` (if there is anything regular about this) are acting as submarines, crossing the flooded streets of the town! and soldiers are well, we think that we should stop here and let you see it for yourself. As the saying goes, one picture, a thousand words. So watch the video and see what we are trying to tell you. Nonetheless, we must applaud the soldiers for their bravery and for the help they provided. A dire situation such as this one is probably the perfect time to drive underwater on flooded streets! It must be really fun to be driving in car that is submerged! We also have to say that we do not agree with the comments of the person taking the video. We are absolutely positive that these soldiers had the experience of a lifetime! This video was taken in New Jersey during the hurricane relief!

At last, follow this link to watch one possible solution that may prevent such excessive floods!