How To Install Dual Brake Calipers? Here Is The Way As Your Car Will Stop Instantly!

One of the most important parts in a car that should always be functioning properly is the brakes. They are responsible for putting the car to a stop and can save your life in some cases! This is why we are showing you a highly informational video that will show you how to install dual brake calipers on your car! With two brake calipers, your braking power will be substantially higher! You will need to replace the stock caliper bracket with a dual caliper bracket. You will also need two brake calipers, brake rotors and brake pads. If you have all of this, you`re ready to start!

First, you have to remove the brake caliper and rotor. Disengage the parking brake first, because it is quite harder to remove the caliper if the parking brake is engaged. After the caliper and rotor are removed, you will move on to removing the backing plate and the axle. In order to remove these, you will have to open up the rear differential. Make sure you put a drain pain underneath the differential, as you need to drain it out of its oil. Have in mind that this process is lengthy, so if you plan on doing this dual brake calipers thing, make sure you have the time! Watch the video below to see the complete guide! Moreover, here are the top 10 Car Care Tips in case someone is interested!