Brakes Squeak & Grind When Braking? FIX Your Loud BRAKES By Using These Useful TIPS!

You know us, we love cars more than anything. Even though speed and power gets our adrenaline pumping, we are still concerned about the safety of the drivers. This is why we decided to share this informative video about how to fix your loud brakes! If you hear squeaking or grinding noises when braking, you know something is not right. In this video you will see what causes brakes to make weird sounds when they are used and how to fix these problems! With that being said, let us jump right into the explaining and the tips for fixing the brakes on your beloved car!

Brake noises are vibrations that are coming from one of the brake components. The most common reason why your brakes are squeaking is because the brakes are worn out. This can range from worn out brake pads to worn out brake rotors. You will see the difference between a new brake pad and an old brake pad. Luckily, new brake pads have a wear indicator that makes noise when the pads are worn out! Brakes are really important in a car, but they are often overseen in your normal car inspection. In case you want to find out all the tips for fixing your loud brakes, watch the video below!

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