Can They Do This To My Car?! Watch Mike Brewer & His Japanese Friends In A Car Assessment As You’ve Never Seen Before!

Wheeler Dealers are back again with yet another incredible video, this time about car assessment! We have never seen such incredible attention to detail, but that is what the Japanese are known for. Mike Brewer has gotten a Daihatsu Tanto this time around, and plans on selling it. Before he can do this, Mike has to go through an inch by inch car assessment process. Like he puts it, this is something he has never seen before, and neither have we! The Japanese mechanic Tomo puts a mirror on the ground, so he can see the scratches underneath the front bumper. Apparently, even the smallest scratch is important for the Japanese car buyers. After thoroughly inspecting the car, they are ready to start repairing the small Daihatsu Tanto. First, they start by washing the car. However, this is no ordinary washing! Mike and Tomo both use toothbrushes and alkaline water, and you can see the big amount of dirt they manage to take off!

After the washing is done, Tomo goes on to clay bar the paintwork. In order to do this, you first have to break the clay down with water, and then form the clay. You press the clay into the shape of the groove and the work is done. Mike shows the difference between the halves of the hood, one of which is clay barred and one which is not. He puts a coin on the half of the hood that has not been clay barred, and the coin stays in place. However, the coin that was put on the clay barred half immediately slid off! As if that wasn`t enough, Tomo and his assistant even remove the front bumper to repair every single scratch on it! Furthermore, they polish the Daihatsu Tanto with different level of compounds! This is definitely the most thorough car assessment process we have ever seen.

Oh, and if you have issues with the clarity of your windshield, watch this video!