Incredible Tire Retreading with Process MONORAIL!

Owning a vehicle comes with a myriad of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is tire changing. Whether you change your tires every season, or once your tires are completely worn out is completely up to you. However, this video we are sharing with you today shows an alternative to changing tires. Instead of buying a new set of tires, you can just put new tire tread on your old tires! Something like this really exists, and the complete tire retreading process is shown in the video below!

Incredible Tire Retreading Process 44

The whole thing is actually quite simple and very fast! In the video, you will see a huge Goodyear tire being prepared for retreading. The tire is really worn out, but instead of throwing it away, it will get a new tire tread and it will continue doing its job! It is placed onto a machine that continuously spins it and makes its surface as smooth as possible.

After one minute, the mechanic places the new tire tread onto the worn out Goodyear tire. The machine continues to spin the tire, making it easy for the mechanic to carefully apply the tread. Furthermore, he uses a pen to draw where exactly to cut the tread, so it will fit perfectly onto the tire. With the tread now applied to the tire all that is left to do is make sure the tread sticks firmly onto the surface of the tire. With that being done, the tire is ready for some action!

It might not look as good as new, but it will definitely do what it`s made for! Like we said previously, this whole tire retreading process is fast and simple. If you don`t want to buy new tires all the time, this alternative will be perfect for you! Watch the video and let us know what you think about it!

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