MOBILE TIRE CHANGER WS-561-C! Now You Can Work On The GO!

MOBILE TIRE CHANGER WS-561-C! Allowing You To Work On The GO!

Mobile Tire Changer WS 561 C 1

Okay! Even thought I`m saying that it could come in handy to most of us, it is still not one of those things that you can just put it in the trunk of your car and carry it with you, no matter where you are going and what you are doing. Especially not if you are driving some of those luxury imports, like the Lamborghini Gallardo, or a Ferrari 458 for example, where the meaning of the trunk is pretty much different than most of the other cars…

But anyways! This interesting device called Mobile Tire Changer WS-561-C, is still pretty easy for transport (in a case you are driving a van or a good and powerful diesel truck), and it gives the driver a chance to do the job whether he is on the road, or on some off-road track. And of course, the job is – changing the tire fast and efficiently!

The Mobile Tire Changer WS-561-C is actually an electro-hydraulic unit that has its own generator, along with the air compressor. Which means that besides changing the tire of your loving Detroit muscle, you can also power up various 110V or 220V car accessories.

Its operating capacity is ranging from 13″ to 27″, and it leaves a lot of space, in a case you are carrying other tools or anything else. One of the many perks this machine has is that it is very easy to set-up and thus easy for use!

Now, with this amazing invention, you don`t have to worry if you find yourself in a flat tire situation in the middle of nowhere!

So, have a look at the video clip below, and see a great demonstration of how this cool device is operating. And in a case you want to see more similar stuff, like portable air compressors for car tires, go to this link.