This is How You Blow Away a Mud Hole – A Powerful 6 Door Diesel Truck In Full Action!

This is most definitely something that you do not see everyday – a big and powerful 6 door diesel truck is setting new standards when it comes to overcoming all the challenges and obstacles on a `muddy drag strip`. And this beasty 6 door diesel truck is a real monster at this “muddy drag strip”.

Well, it is not really a drag strip (as you can presume), but a typical mud hole, but the way this monster 6 Door Ford Diesel Truck is ripping it apart, it looks like the guy is competing for a best time on a quarter mile challenge at the drag strip. And we got to stress the fact that the guy is not alone, but has an additional `package` of a dozen people in the back. How can you not love it?! Even if you are a Chevy enthusiast we are sure you are going to give mad props to this beasty Ford truck.

Too bad that the author of the video did not gave us some info about this orange monster, that is only a seconds away from winning your hearts. However, we can safely say that this 6 door diesel truck is heavily modified. All that black smoke implies to some heavy engine tweaking.

Believe me, it is no exaggeration when I tell you that it is one of the coolest vehicles I have seen lately. Besides that it has a six doors and room for more than a half a dozen persons inside. We`ve seen towns with less people that this 6 door diesel truck can haul. But, all jokes aside, it can take your entire football team along in the back. Plus, it is as powerful as devil`s wrath, so you can imagine all the damage it can do! But enough `talking`, check out the video.

Finally, if you want to see a massive Ford F 350 burnout, follow this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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