Levitating Top! Simple Science Miracle Made At Home!

What often seems impossible or complicated it appears to be totally the opposite. Everything becomes a lot easier once you learn how to do it, or find the catch. The levitating top video you have the possibility to see below seems fascinating. As a matter of fact, it is. The trick is performed by a scientist, not an ordinary man. The point is that, when the scientist tells you the secret, it all becomes clearer and easier, hence the intro. Unfortunately, there is no speaking in the video, but we were kind enough to do the research for you and tell you how this trick is done.

This process is called magnetic levitation, so you are guessing that you need several magnets. Two big ceramic ring magnets (often acquired from speakers) and little ones (smaller than the inner diameter of the big magnet). Then, a wooden dowel, a bit duct tape so you could fix the magnets to the dowel. Next, you need non-magnetic flat surface where you will spin the peg-top you`ve already created. You may need several attempts to gain the skill, but at the end, when you show this levitating top trick to your friends, you will be awarded with their reaction.

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