Fascinating TIME LAPSE Footage Shows CONSTRUCTION Of The LARGEST SHIP! The AIDAprima Cruise Ship “Built” In Less Than 6 Minutes!

Despite the fact that we are Muscle Cars Zone, we are trying to be versatile as well. Therefore, our team is non-stop scanning the World Wide Web in order to find the best content and present it here for your convenience. Today we decided to show you something different than mighty automobiles and roaring engines. The video below is actually a time lapse recording of a cruise ship building! It is mesmerizing! In fact, this is the construction of the new AIDAprima cruise ship! This cruise ship will be MONSTROUSLY big! AIDAprima will be 984 feet long, 123 feet wide and it will have draft of 26 feet. Furthermore, it is made to sail all year round and to accommodate a maximum of 3,300 passengers. To put it simply, this ship will be remarkable.

On the first glance, it is one enjoyable brief video where a complete new ship is made from scratch in no time! However, if you take a closer look, you will feel the immense complexity in the process of building such ship! Almost everything is premade and assembled at the Nagasaki Shipyard. That`s why, this whole video looks like watching a giant LEGO creation bringing into life in front of your eyes! Everything you see starting from the construction, finishing at the wiring has to be perfectly assembled. Additionally, the design and the engineering play a significant role as well. Prepare to be amazed. It will definitely be a pleasure to be a passenger on the AIDAprima cruise ship. It will have 1634 staterooms of 14 different categories. The sizes of the staterooms will differ vastly, from the smallest 215 square feet room to the biggest 27,215 square feet stateroom. This way, you will have a nice selection of what best meets your needs.

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