Our Navy is no more than six months away from reinforcing its fleet with the costliest aircraft carrier ever built! We present you the $13 billion USS Gerald Ford ship! This Gerald Ford ship is expected to become a part of the US Navy in February next year and belongs to the new class of Ford aircraft carrier series. In other words, it is first in class ship made in the 21st century. Additionally, the Ford class ships are made to be the largest warships on the planet! Size wise, it`s incredible 1,092 feet long and weighs a staggering 100,000 tons! You are probably wondering how it is going to move?

Well, there are TWO nuclear reactors powering this monster and can reach a speed of 30+ knots! The old steam catapults are replaced with new electromagnetic aircraft launcher! This new systems allows better efficiency, meaning the crew can conduct 25% more flight missions per day! Furthermore, it has 10 million feet of electrical wire installation as well as 4 million feet of fiber optic cable! It is also capable of carrying 4,539 people, including navy crew, air wing personnel and staff. And most importantly, it can hold 75 airplanes!

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