This SIMPLE Buckyballs MOTOR Will Leave You Stunned! You’ll Only Need Magnetic Buckyballs, Copper Wire & AA BATTERY!

Have you ever heard about the term Buckminsterfullerene? If you are into science you probably have, but the ordinary mortals like us haven`t heard. But, we have heard of this term`s nick name, and we strongly believe that you have too! It is the buckyball! This chemical element was discovered back in 1985 by five scientists at Rice University. Eleven years later, three of them were awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The Buckminsterfullerene is an allotropic modification of carbon and its formula is C60. So, that would be our short introduction, and now let`s move on to the point. What we have for you today is a few magnetic buckyballs, copper wire and an AA battery put together to make a motor! We know it`s hard to believe, but there is a video that will prove we are telling to truth!

Today`s one minute video has no explanations or whatsoever. Instead, it`s all about pure science. In it, you can see how does a motor made of buckyballs work! All you need are couple hundred buckyballs, copper wire, a magnet (or magnetic buckyballs would do the trick) and an AA battery. Thanks to the chemical properties of the buckyballs, you will easily be amazed by this creation! You may also want to try and build one for yourself and brag in front of everybody! Maybe you will have other plans for this motor! Whatever you think, it is safe to say that we all agree that this small handmade motor is incredible! Whoever made this has a lot of talent and should continue creating things like this! As for us, the very least we can do is to share his ingenious self-made motor! Check out the video below and let us know what you would do with a motor like this one!

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