Skip Crowd With This Home Made Eight-Rotor Flying Seat! Would You Take A Ride?

Have you ever been so lazy that you wished to be able to transport yourself from your couch to the place where you needed to be in just couple of minutes? Don`t hide it, we have all been there. The video we have for you today features one revolutionary invention that would make the aforementioned desire a reality! No, we are not talking about teleportation. There is still plenty of time for that. But, the device you are about to see is almost as awesome as teleportation! We are referring to the single seat, eight-rotor flying seat that can successfully fly while being operated by a grown-up man!

You have probably seen other similar inventions, but most of them appeared to be pretty much useless. Albeit the other flying chairs had two to five times more rotors than this one, they still weren`t able to lift a grown-up man. On the other hand, this flying seat came out to be the best for one very simple reason! The unsuccessful ones used electric engines whereas the flying seat in the video below uses 8 mighty combustion engines! That`s what makes all the difference! See, sometimes you don`t need much. All you have to do is look outside the box.

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