AT LAST! Upright An Overturned Truck With The Aid Of Rescue Air Cushions! Incredible Invention! TWO VIDEOS!

Road accidents happen every day. Sometimes, even if you are very careful, you can still experience a mishap. Nonetheless, most of the accidents are not fatal, and just cause material damage. In the video we are sharing with you guys today, we can see a truck that has flipped sideways. There is one thing that caught our attention however, and it is the rescue process of the truck! These people are using two machines with wire ropes. The wire ropes are attached to the truck, and slowly pull it down, in order to the truck get back on its wheels. There is nothing unusual here as we have seen this method being used many times. However, the rescue air cushions underneath the truck are something we have not seen previously. In this video, they are cleverly used to minimize the potential damage the truck might sustain when it hits the ground!

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