Five Caterpillar Machines Playing Jenga With Huge Blocks! Don’t Believe Us? Watch The Crazy Video Right Here!

Caterpillar Inc. is probably the most famous American manufacturer of mining and construction equipment. They are known for producing some of the most high quality machinery there is. The stardom Caterpillar Inc. has in the construction world can be paralleled by the stardom Jenga has in the world of games of skill. Somebody thought of this, and decided to combine them both! This resulted in this incredible video of five Caterpillar machines playing Jenga with huge wooden blocks! We know that this sounds hard to believe.

We couldn`t believe either that something like this has happened, until we stumbled upon this video. This is why we share it, so you can get a taste of this amazing combination! This is how real men play games!

This was filmed in a Caterpillar testing facility located in Edwards, Illinois. The main `competitors` in this event are five Caterpillar Machines! The Caterpillar machines playing Jenga are the Cat 320E, the Cat TH514C, the Cat 277D, the Cat M316D and last, but definitely not least, the Cat 349E! These five monstrosities have one common enemy, 27 giant Jenga blocks! A formidable opponent we must say. The point of this whole game is for the heavy equipment machines, and their operators, to carefully remove and then re-position the enormous Jenga blocks!

Each of these 27 Jenga blocks weighs 600lb! That makes this whole game much more interesting to watch! How do you think these five Caterpillar machines did in the end? Do you think the heavy machines managed to reposition the blocks? Maybe they crashed everything and made a huge mess! If you want to find out how this epic event finished, you will have to watch the video for yourself! Enjoy the biggest game of Jenga ever played!

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