It is no secret that all of us who love great cars, fast bikes and powerful and mighty trucks, had become interested in what is under the hood of our favorite vehicle from a very early age, almost from the first moments when we realize that we are, and will be, Gearheads. That is why the first thing for guys like us, when we see some great muscle monster, or some of those expensive supercars, or huge and ultra-powerful machines, we are keen to find out what kind of an engine is boosting all that power, what kind of a machine is under the hood that is making that one of a kind sound. We are also very aware that the Caterpillar Marine engines are one of the finest out there.

That is why today we have decided to show you this video, in order to satisfy yours and our curiosity, of what it looks like inside a production facility, where some of the world`s best and most powerful engines are being produced. As you have read it in the title, it is a clip from Caterpillar marine engine factory in Lafayette, Indiana, in which you will see a good part of the production process.

And I will not pretend to know much about it, and that is why I will leave you watching it without bothering you with unnecessary comments about it. So check it out and enjoy it, and if you want to find out more about it, go to this link.