AT LAST! Upright An Overturned Truck With The Aid Of Rescue Air Cushions! Incredible Invention! TWO VIDEOS!

To put it simply, these rescue air cushions are used for supporting the truck and to prevent it from damaging the wheels after the fall. The two big blue catchbags are placed right next to the wheels of the truck. When the truck is finally uprighted, instead of the wheels hitting the ground, they first come in contact with the rescue air cushions. The cushions start to lose the air inside of them, drastically reducing the speed with which the truck is falling down. This way, the wheels easily come back on the ground, and are not damaged at all! Even though the damage to the truck is quite evident, saving the wheels is still something! We are absolutely certain that this truck will be back on the road delivering goods in no time. Until then, you can watch the amazing rescue of this truck in the video below.

Plus, we have a little surprise for you. The first video features a completely opposite situation of what you just read! And it will most definitely make you laugh out loud!

Finally, click here to watch a truck fails compilation video! No air cushions are needed here!