Can Teleporting Be Real? Judge For Yourself By Watching This CCTV Footage!

A concept that has grasped the mind of many science fiction enthusiasts is the concept of teleportation. For those of you who don`t know what teleporting means, it is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from point to another, but without traversing the physical space between the points. What is even more interesting is the fact that we have a video footage for you of a person who is teleporting himself! This footage was recorded in China, on a gloomy crossroad where seemingly traffic is rare. All of that changes however, when a truck driver drives through at high speed, without seeing that there is a person riding a motorbike! The collision between these two seems inevitable, but just as they are about to collide, something amazing happens! A person appears out of nowhere, grabs the biker and teleports him to safety just a few yards away!

The saved man appears to be completely confused as to what happened, as he quickly gets of his motorbike and just stares at his savior. The truck driver is also in total confusion. He gets out of his truck and wanders outside, apparently trying to find some answers about what exactly happened! As for the star in this video, the person capable of teleporting, it is unclear whether is a woman or a man.

What can be seen here is that the person is wearing a hoodie, and right after saving the life of the guy who was riding a motorbike, just casually walks away. Lots of questions can be asked here, and many will probably never be answered. Nonetheless, we leave it up to you to decide what is going on in the video. Is teleportation real? See it here and be the judge for yourself!

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