World’s First Challenger Hellcat Motor Pallet Motor with Turnkey & Remote Start!

There is always a certain amount of fear when you are buying used parts for cars. There have been numerous accounts for the parts not working properly and you end up getting ripped off. One company however, has a genius way of letting you instantly know whether your part works or not! Although this only applies for a donor motor, it is still a brilliant idea! These guys put the motor on a pallet and all you have to do is turn the key to check if it is working properly, as it is shown with the Challenger Hellcat motor in this video!

Challenger Hellcat Motor 7

As you can see, the whole engine is put on one pallet and it is instantly ready to go! It is a lot more compact to engine swap when your engine is like this! Also, if you have any fears that it won`t run, you can instantly check it, before even putting it in the car. In this video, a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat motor is put on a pallet, and it works flawlessly! If you plan on purchasing a donor motor, you should check out these guys! Watch the video below and see this remarkable idea at work with your own eyes!

Finally, take a look at this Hellcat transformation during day in order to handle traffic!