Imagine Someone Saying: “I Was Beaten By An Old JEEP In My GTR” HAHA! 1952 Willys Military Jeep Tried Taking FLIGHT!

750hp LSx Willys Jeep Without SEAT BELTS vs 950hp + Nissan GT-R! JEEP Tried Taking FLIGHT during the race!!! We love videos such as this one, where a very unusual matchup results in an excellent race! We constantly see the might of the Nissan GT-R, and we have shared numerous videos of this model defeating pretty much every car you can imagine! This is why we were shocked to see it race against a 1952 Willys military Jeep! We thought that the old Jeep will not stand a chance against the powerful Nissan GT-R. However, we were proven very, VERY WRONG! This is one of those races you just HAVE TO WATCH! We have the “Tortoise and the Hare” situation for who knows what time now! In this street DRAG race, you will see a clash between LSX Jeep and a GTR whose engine is able to produce more than 950 horsepower!!!

This one is amazing because the Ex-Military Jeep is considered to be the underdog here, but after seeing this video you will know that things are not just like that!!! If you know how to tune your vehicle properly, anything can become incredibly potent! This is the case with the 1952 Willys military Jeep! It is clearly shown in the video that this is no ordinary Willys Jeep. First, it is supercharged. Second, it is very light, so it can accelerate really fast! As a matter of fact, the acceleration of this 1952 Willys military Jeep is so good, it almost made it fly during the race! That is enough information as we do not want to spoil it all for you! Check out the video, see all the specifications and enjoy the race!!! Also, make sure to watch the other video Willis Jeep vs Corvette ZR-1 HERE!

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